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ARCTIC provide high performance equipment at minimum noise level.
As one of the leading manufacturers specialising in PC cooler noise reduction, ARCTIC set the standard for top tier gaming conditions with innovative quality and a fair price tag.

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BRAINXP offer innovative products to help you reach your peak mental performance levels. Through harnessing the power of genetics, environmental factors, and human mind, they’ve created supplements to improve your mental performance: focus, memory, mood, and sleep quality.

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MSI are trusted globally in gaming and esports to bring high tier hardware and computers wherever they go. They’re partners to some of the world’s most successful esports teams, and working with them, we have their support to bring our teams to victory across all fields of play.

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For years, Gamers Apparel has provided Enclave with perfect jerseys and other merchandise at an impressive price. Offering their great quality and service to teams all over the UK and beyond, it’s no surprise Gamers Apparel’s store is well loved and trusted by the UK scene.

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Another trusted brand working with Enclave, we’re partnered with Western Digital’s WD_Black Hard Drive range, built for gamers and tuned for performance. Keeping computers reliable and designed for professionals, WD_Black will optimise performance and get our team on the rift faster than anyone else.

Experience peak PC performance, check out the WD_Black range.