Manager's Blog Entry 1 - The Intro

The road to becoming a good manager is a bumpy one, but actually learning the ropes from scratch? Now that’s just damn hard.

Despite the reassurances from the rest of the Enclave team, I was struggling to see the point in them having me when Wise and Mans (our analyst and coach respectively) are better at doing my job for me than I am at doing it myself.

I just need to hold onto the fact that they believe in me and know that one day I will get there. If there is one thing I like to take pride in, it’s my determination, so I know that I will prove myself. It just may take some time.

So what exactly is my job? Players in the esports scene can sometimes be a little disorderly, and things tend to run more smoothly if somebody is in the background with a big stick to keep everybody in line. That person is me, I have the big stick. I boss everybody around, make sure that they’re all in the right place at the right time, and just generally keep everyone on track.

I am also in charge of scheduling and booking all of our scrims. Jakey (our Esports Director), bless him, cannot make a spreadsheet to save his life, so I have sorted that too. One of the first things he asked me to do was “fix” the Google Drive and “make it pretty”. The Google Drive is my baby. Nobody touches the Google Drive…
Except for Wise, apparently. Wise managed to completely redesign the scheduling drive that I had spent days working on in less than an hour. To be fair, what he came up with is genius, I’m just jealous it’s better than anything I could do.

Note to self: Get Wise to teach you how to code.


Abby “Chaos” Dearden
Team Manager for Enclave League of Legends
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