UKLC Recap: Week 7 - Molotovs, Marshmallows 'n' Momentum

Playoffs: Locked.
Relegations: Stationed.
Chief Tief: Recapping.
Yep! It’s UKLC time!

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Excel UK vs Diabolus
Blink and you’d have missed this opening game! Excel UK needed a return to form after last week’s fall to Fnatic, and they really took it on this week! Without letting slip a single tower or Dragon, Excel took a 22 minute win over the devils. Diabolus havent landed a win since week Week 3 Day 1 and seem to be struggling. They’ll need playoffs to be their redemption arc if they’re to stay in contention of a top 4 rank.

Game 2 - Enclave Gaming vs Phelan Gaming
The return of Rifty to the UK esports scene saw him take Irelia into Phelan’s star toplaner Beartree. Despite his prior success playing against Enclave, Beartree couldn’t keep up with Rifty and ended up falling solo to him three times! With a lead of 5k+ gold by 15 minutes, Enclave looked like a new team, but old habits die hard as Enclave began to fall in the mid game. Tower advantage stayed in Enclaves favor, giving them the team gold needed to take the win over a towerless Phelan.

Game 3 - MnM Gaming vs NVision Esports
Nvision have been knocked down recently after a mid-season resurgence, but with this game against MnM they valiantly tried to pick themselves back up. The Nvision side looked poised for the upset, matching MnM at their own game, trading wins wherever they could. Sadly, this was not enough to quell the determination of the marshmallows, as Nvision fought hard in defense, but ultimately couldn’t stop the fire from taking their nexus.

Game 4 - Demise vs Barrage
Demise are great for pulling out weird things in the botlane, but their Garen/Yuumi setup was slashed away by a Yuumi ban, Demise's Viggo pulled out a Raken to save the day, supplementing overpowered healing for spicy clean plays to get the Garen rolling, well, spinning. Barrage fought a good midgame, taking on as much gold as they could carry and thwarting a stomp from Demise! Sadly, a decisive teamfight near the red side cost Barrage the game as Demise then spun and won.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Excel UK vs Enclave Gaming
Excel pulled out Yasuo, one of the things that seems to thwart Enclave at every step forward, and it did just that. Carrying their momentum from stomping Diabolus, Enclave met a similar fate, with the instant combos of XL’s Yasuo/Gragas setup hitting their key members in seemingly every fight. Not even Enclave’s superstar top Rifty was safe from the overpowring force of Excel, who took the win and the momentum from Enclave. Lets hope they can get it back for playoffs.

Game 2 - MnM Gaming vs Demise
MnM gaming needed to go on a tear this game after their win over NVE, by 15 minutes, they were looking good. Gone were the mistakes of yesterday, letting up only a Mountain Drake to the side of Demise and garnishing their pockets with a 5-0 kill lead. By 25 minutes, MnM took the Baron, and with only the towers in their base left, Demise were forced to go on the hard defensive against a clean MnM. And once again, it was not enough. The Baron tore down the DMS defenses and gave MnM the momentum gaining win.

Game 3 - Excel UK vs MnM Gaming
Excel swapped their Top and Botlaner to create the ultimate teamcomp, or maybe just to meme on MnM. It was a strange idea and didn’t pay off well enough despite Send0o’s affinity for Cassiopeia. Not taking MnM seriously here may have been their downfall, sitting in defecits in almost every facet at 15 minutes. It didn’t take MnM long to capitalise on the switch, but MnM fought back ahrd, defending their base well at 30 minutes. On MnM’s second push just a minute later, they took XL by suprise and took the deserved win.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Fnatic Rising vs MnM Gaming
THIS IS NOT A DRILL, I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! MnM Gaming finally make a tower challenge after weeks of being firmly in third place. MnM were in for one hell of a ride this game, with Fnatic Rising unafraid to play overaggressively and prioritise kills over all things. But it worked for FNC, as they led the killscore 23-13 at 15 minutes, with this bloodthirsty momentum, Fnatic kept racking up the gold with towers and even more kills! After locking down the Baron, Fnatic finally set their sites on the MnM base, and with their sheer power, took down MnM, qualling their momentum and taking the win. Untill….

Game 5 - TOWER REMATCH - Fnatic Rising vs MnM Gaming
Round 2! Fight! And Fnatic locked in a TFT Assassin comp with Rengar, Evelynn, Katarina, Zed, and Pyke…
As it was the final week of the UKLC regular season, MnM got their tower rematch immediately, looking to learn fast from their mistakes and take down Fnatic once and for all. MnM started strong, with Yusa on Yasuo taking a double kill against all odds in a 2v3. The game sat with MnM in the lead until the 20 minute mark where Fnatic flipped it on it’s head. Fnatic played to their strengths and stopped MnM in their tracks, defending through a Baron and more dragons from MnM. In another game with WAY more kills than minutes, Fnatic took the huge teamfight win, assassinating EVERYONE ever, and winning the game.

Week 7 Tower Champions: Fnatic Rising

Remember to catch every win, loss, and pentakill on the LVPukLoL Twitch. Here’s the bracket going into week 7 of competition:

Questions for Playoffs:
-What the fuck did we just watch in week 7?
-Can Enclave make a miracle run through the gauntlet?
-Can MnM get another upset over an LEC Academy team?
-Will Diabolus pull it together in time to play their match?


by Sam “Tiefling” Parker
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