UKLC Recap: Week 6 - Can't Stop This Phelan!

With the top 2 spots trading places weekly, the rest of the table is still shifting! Only one week left until we find out who’s been left at the Relegation Station and who’s got their ticket out of loserville. Missed it live? You’re letting everyone down. Go catch the VoDs! No time to watch? I’m Chief Tief and I’ve got hella recaps on show today.

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Diabolus vs Barrage
A loss streak was to be broken in this match, one way or the other. Diabolus start solid in the bottom lane picking up first blood and playing the game their way, slow but effective. With little at the 20 minute mark, Diabolus sat in the kill lead but Barrage’s dragons kept them firmly in the game. As Diabolus tried to up the ante and raze the battleship with hellfire over and over again, the sea’s waters were too much as Barrage capitalised on their scaling, punishing DBL’s mistakes and taking the much needed win.

Game 2 - Demise vs Nvision Esports
Their third match against one another, Nvision had a lot to prove, eating the loss in their previous 2 bouts. Both teams looked quite evenly matched for one another by the 10 minute mark, trading wins across the map, but Demise are still too much for the upswinging side of NVE, punishing all missteps in teamfights to build their kill lead. Despite Nvision’s valiant pick efforts, Demise were still the insurmountable side and snowballed their gold lead to take a quick and effective victory.

Game 3 - Enclave Gaming vs Fnatic Rising
Bad luck still sits upon Enclave’s shoulders when it comes to the draw as Fnatic Rising once again stood between them and the next train out of relegations. Ever the dominant force, Fnatic didn’t allow much early advantages to the boys in blue, a clean 5-0 in kills at the 10 minute mark. After taking a few good fights and building up their gold, Enclave looked poised for the turnaround, but Fnatic’s dragon control kept them only a stones throw away from victory; A stone thrown in an effective 30:00 teamfight toward the nexus.

Game 4 - MnM Gaming vs Phelan Gaming
A Veigar/Pyke botlane is something straight outta my Gold 4 promos, but god damn did it work for the wolves today. Phelan displayed a newfound strength of the pack with the upset win over MnM, making the ‘mallows look a little stale by beating them at their own game. Things were certainly dicey for both sides throughout the game, matching each other well, but it was the huge Baron Pit teamfight at 27:20 that gave Phelan the tools to win despite MnM getting the Baron. Props to Chemera on LeBlanc for getting those last few autos in for the upset win!

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Barrage vs Demise
Pulling out their own reaper in Kindred vs the reapers of Demise, Barrage needed another upset win to pull themselves out of the relegation pit. Demise took a rougher game versus Nvision the night before, so in this match they sought to bring Barrage down to Davy Jones’ locker. Taking a commanding lead by 15 minutes, Demise began accomplishing what they set out to do, rocking a 5.6k gold lead and 12-5 kills. It was clear where this match was heading from that point as Demise finished in under 25 minutes.

Game 2 - Phelan Gaming vs Fnatic Rising
Ignore the title now, turns out you can stop this Phelan, but first you have to be Fnatic Rising, and that’s a tall order. Looking to build momentum into the week’s final, Fnatic wasted no time in gaining the early advantages, 8 kills and over 7k gold up at 15 minutes. By this point the choke hold was in, and while they defended well, there was no chance for the Phelan comeback, taking the loss at around 23 minutes and down 16 kills and more than 15k gold.

Game 3 - Demise vs Fnatic Rising
Both teams leapt from the gate as soon as the towers powered up, with more kills than minutes just 5 minutes in! And it didn’t slow down either, but unfortunately it wasn’t Fnatic playing Demise’s game, but the other way around. An even bloodier 10 minutes followed, with Fnatic up to 18 kills and still speedrunning the week’s tournament, much like Excel the previous week. As expected, the pace and finesse of Fnatic Rising was too much for Demise as Fnatic ended another pre-25 minute game, but this time with 31 kills.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Fnatic Rising vs Excel
Again, again, again, again, again, again. After the week Fnatic have had, I was actually excited for this week’s tower challenge re-re-re-re-re-rematch, expecting explosive style from both orange lineups. What I expected was spot on, another fast paced game with more kills than minutes, Fnatic sat only just on top by 15 minutes with minor leads in kills, towers, and gold. Excel need to pull something magical out, Hjarnan’s signature Heimerdinger wasn’t doing enough for them. Trying as they might, Excel managed a few small wins here and there, but Fnatic Rising’s momentum kept them going, edging Excel further and further away from victory and taking their only post-25 minute win all week in this 36 kill bloodstorm.

Week 6 Tower Champions: Fnatic Rising

Remember to catch every win, loss, and pentakill on the LVPukLoL Twitch. Here’s the bracket going into week 7 of competition:

Questions for Week 7:
-Will Fnatic slip up next week on the blood trails they’re leaving behind?
-Who locks in playoffs and who falls into relegations?
-The winner of Phelan vs Enclave pretty much guarantees a playoff spot, who gets it?
-Can Nvision pull off the upset to keep them in the race?


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