UKLC Recap: Week 5 - Excel UK Have No Mercy!

Things are heating up at the top and bottom of the table with Excel and Fnatic trading places once more and a three way tie for a chance to get out of the Relegation Station. Missed it live? Again? Seriously? Go catch the VoDs! No time to watch? I’m Chief Tief and you’ve come to the right place at the right time

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Excel UK vs Barrage
Barrage started out ahead as Diva nailed First Blood against Exile in the one for one. However, XL Exile’s Tristana mid rocked Barrage at 6:30, diving 1v3 for a clean kill and escape. A sound engage from Barrage at 16:30 was swiflty turned around by the damage of Send0 and Exile, stacking the gold lead higher. With the items piled on Excel’s main carries and 2 Infernal Drakes, Excel pushed into the Barrage base for a swift 24-minute victory.

Game 2 - Phelan Gaming vs Enclave Gaming
ENC Skude’s proactivity led to an Enclave lead early, netting 3 kills and an Infernal. Phelan’s Beartree debuted incredibly with a huge outplay vs Renghis 8:30. By 15 minutes, the game was in Phelan’s hands with leads in kills and gold, Enclave slowly turned it around thanks to insane damage from Renghis. The game exploded as Enclave took the lead back with a huge teamfight win at 38:50, giving them all they needed to push and end with the win.

Game 3 - Diabolus vs Nvision Esports
Nvision opened well, punishing Diabolus’ aggression to take the early momentum and First Blood. By 15 minutes, NVE had an impressive 4k gold lead, showing their improvement through the split with force. Standout performances from Nvision’s Brelia and Infinity dispelled any Diabolus push despite the devils’ best efforts to close the gap. After one decisive teamfight on the Diabolus botside, Nvision ran them through and took the important upset win.

Game 4 - Demise vs MnM Gaming
MnM’s Chibs being allowed his Irelia always spells disaster for the enemy team, and that stood firmly in this game as he ran through Demise’s Vixen for the First Blood solokill and using the lead to apply the aggression elsewhere on the map.. WIth a huge 9k gold lead at 20 minutes, it was the Reapers feeling the fear as MnM pressed their advantages. Chibs went HUGE in the final fight at 27:30, but had his Pentakill denied by teammate Yusa seconds before they end the game.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Excel UK vs Enclave Gaming
Cracking out Skudalee in an attempt to surprise Excel UK, Enclave unfortunately went a similar way to Barrage, holding out early but being inable to capitalise on mistakes from the clean gameplay of Excel. As a team, Excel looked revitalised, boasting more than a 6k gold lead by 15 minutes. Breaking their typical fashion, Excel didn’t even bother taking Baron, instead using their muscle to push through Enclave, take the clean win, and drop only 1 kill all game.

Game 2 - Nvision Esports vs MnM Gaming
Taking care in League of Legends is paramount to winning, as is giving little away. MnM managed both those things in their clean win over Nvision. There were barely any risky fights in all 31 minutes of gameplay, somewhat unexciting of a game, but incredible execution by the side of MnM, showing they don’t need kills to win. Dropping only a kill and a tower, the game’s peak moment was with the end, a stellar teamfight from MnM to quell to fires of Nvision.

Game 3 - Excel UK vs MnM Gaming
Excel came out the gates fired up for this game, taking the 1v1 First Blood in the toplane and a strong hold onto the game. Almost reaching a 10k gold lead by 20 minutes, it was clear to see Excel were here to hastily run through MnM as they did to Enclave and Barrage. Big leads in every lane showed the Excel domination, and while MnM fared better than Excel’s other opponents, it was clear that they have to step up their game if they are to beat an LEC academy team.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising
Power picks were the name of Excel’s game in this week’s case of Deja Vu, rocking 4 of their best picks in the week, they had everything to prove against Fnatic Rising, and no way were they going to lose in the tower finals again. Earlygame struggles for Excel, made it hard to get off the ground in the face of Fnatic’s impressive play, but Excel were in the drivers seat with a gold lead at 15 minutes. Around the 24 minute mark, Excel took aim on Baron Nashor, Fnatic floundered in the face of it, running in one by one in a desperate attempt to stop it, only feeding Excel more gold. Constantly accruing advantages, Excel slaughtered the Fnatic inhibitors and while it wasn’t pretty this time, Excel still took another powerful victory, solidifying themselves as number 1.

Week 5 Tower Champions: Excel UK

Remember to catch every win, loss, and pentakill on the LVPukLoL Twitch. Here’s the bracket going into week 6 of competition:

Questions for Week 6:
-Will anyone ever stop Fnatic vs Excel matches from occurring?
-Can Barrage overcome Diabolus to stay in the playoffs race?
-Who will catch one of the last trains out of the relegation station?
-In the game of ties, who wins and who dies?


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