UKLC Recap: Week 4 - Prove It or Lose It

Week 4 was prime time for many teams to prove themselves, with teams like Enclave, Barrage, and MnM looking to break glass ceilings. Missed it live? Pathetic. Go catch the VoDs. No chance to watch? Well you’ve come to the right place. Chief Tief has recaps, if you have coin.

Day 1 - Tower Rematch & Round of 8

Tower Rematch - Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising
With major gravity on this match to dictate the week, both teams started carefully out of the gate, Fnatic on the gold lead and an Infernal Drake on the Excel side. The roles reversed as Fnatic gained the dragon lead, as Excel build an impressive gold lead off Fnatic’s mistakes. Fnatic gave a good effort, but Excel kept on pressing them hard. After a bad push down the midlane, Fnatic took a bad teamfight loss as Excel swaggered to their base for the win.

Game 1 - Diabolus vs Enclave Gaming
Enclave really needed to redeem their heartbreak here. Early game mistakes left ENC Raizins 0/0/2 on Nautilus, but still fought through it with key teamfight presence. A scrappy midgame left both teams high on kills and deaths, but DBL Dragdar and ENC Renghis came out looking strongest, both turning various teamfights in their sides favor. To end, Diabolus fought a good fight for too long, allowing Enclave to stop the DBL recalls and give Jungler Skude the backdoor victory.

Game 2 - MnM vs Fnatic Rising
Unsurprisingly, a very competitive game overall with MnM trying hard as ever to prove themselves as Tower Champion contenders, taking the early lead in kills and gold. Sadly, it seems nothing can ever deter Fnatic’s hopes as they slowly turned the game in their favor, razing MnM’s leads to build their own on the ashes. A Baron take that MnM couldn’t contest gave Fnatic all the power they needed to break down the inhibitors for the win.

Game 3 - Barrage vs Nvision Esports
It was high time for each team to prove themselves, but mistakes were not looking to be made by either squad. The game played out evenly into the 20 minute mark, with Nvision’s dragons helping them stay the stronger team, fending off pushes from a Baronned-up Barrage squad TWICE. Their resilience went highly rewarded as both teams committed to the base race for the end, but Nvision’s Brelia on Malphite slapped the Blue Nexus down for the win over Barrage.

Game 4 - Phelan Gaming vs Demise
Volibear support. Definitely an interesting pick from Phelan, but it did come in useful here and there. Phelan took a commanding lead, only losing a kill to Demise at 15 minutes, but it was the beginning of the end for the Irish side as soon Demise were picking up the little victories and closing the gap between them. A rough engage from Viggo worked out surprisingly well for Demise, as they took a big teamfight win and a windfall of gold, giving them the items they needed to push into the Phelan base and end.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Enclave Gaming vs Fnatic Rising
With a small lead in the first 15 minutes, Enclave looked good, making few mistakes compared to the previous day and maybe in form to beat Fnatic. However, in Fnatic Rising’s classic fashion, they turned around any leads the opposing side had, taking down Baron within 30 seconds of it spawning. And with 3 Mountain Drakes, no structure could stand in the way of Fnatic as they took a decisive fight, another Baron, and ravaged the Enclave base, revisiting after another dragon to finish the Nexus.

Game 2 - Nvision Esports vs Demise
Nvision picked up Ekko in the midlane, but an interesting pick would not make the game any easier. The Rift sat silent until the 10 minute mark where a fight broke out into a lead for Demise. NVE pulled it back into a 5-2 kill lead, showing they could compete with the mid-table team. Overconfidence may have got the best of Nvision, as Demise quickly converted their deficit into a lead, building on it into the base of Nvision and the final bell of a Nexus explosion, signalling another victory for Demise.

Game 3 - Fnatic Rising vs Demise
Demise’s first finals game set them even with Diabolus for points, but they wanted more. Fnatic might have underestimated their opponents at first, slipping up to give Demise’s top form early game it’s sought after rewards. Fnatic did what they do best though, and turned the game on it’s head after a huge botlane teamfight win, taking all and giving nothing back. With the turnaround, the Fnatic lead ballooned and led them quickly into the Demise base for the sub-26 minute win.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising
Name a more iconic due than LEC Academy teams and the Tower Challenge. Excel led the charge in the early to mid game with a commanding lead, refusing to give up any towers, almost poised to squash Fnatic. But Fnatic Rising, true to their style again, would not let this happen. Down around 10k gold, Fnatic began the ritual, ending their dance break with a 20 minute Baron sneak and fending off the Twickenham Titans for a teamfight win. With plenty of standing gold on the map, Fnatic began fixing their deficits, taking a couple towers, kill after kill after kill, and another Baron. Come 35 minutes, Fnatic were ready for the final stand, taking down Excel’s team and the nexus.

Week 4 Tower Champions: Fnatic Rising

Remember to catch every win, loss, and pentakill on the LVPukLoL Twitch. Here’s the bracket going into week 5 of competition:

Questions for Week 5:
-Was Enclave’s win a fluke? Or can they prove themselves against Phelan?
-Nvision look poised for an upset, can they overcome Diabolus?
-Are MnM shaken by their Day 1 loss last last week?
-Can someone else get into the tower challenge? Please???


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