UKLC Recap: Week 3 - LEC Titan Rematch, Again!

We go into week 3 of the UKLC with 3 teams without points, 2 academy teams at the top, and 1 recap article to give you the lowdown. Missed it live? Boo! Go catch the VoDs. Got no time to watch? Well it’s your boy Chief Tief back at it again with the latest in UKLC.

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Enclave Gaming vs Excel UK
Unlucky again on the draw, Enclave find themselves up against a top 4 team for the third time in a row. A wholly uphill struggle for Enclave after dropping 2 kills early left Excel in the driver’s seat after the huge triple stun from Send0o’s Irelia. Showing sign’s of life, Skude’s Lee Sin sneaked the Cloud Drake and helped turn a messy teamfight into a 2-for-1 win. However, Excel kept the train rolling and squeezed Enclave back into their base, taking kills, the baron, and a 30-minute win.

Game 2 - Phelan Gaming vs Barrage
A very crucial match for both sides, Phelan and Barrage duked it out for either team’s first point. Starting with low tempo close calls, the game came alive around 11 minutes in with a fight around the Herald, with Barrage dropping kills on top and bottom. Picking up every dragon, Phelan carefully kept the pressure on, looking to avoid any mistakes until a big teamfight on the midlane, taking 4 kills and using the leverage to take baron, another fight, and end.

Game 3 - Diabolus vs Demise
Hell Clasico returns, with Demise hoping to take the win this time. Each side started decently early despite the slow pace, with Demise netting first blood, and PFI sneaking a drake for Diabolus. Demise lose their kill lead 10 minutes in as Diabolus turns overagression into a big win, picking up the Herald to boot. A messy toplane fight cost Demise the Baron at 25 minutes and while they fought to bring it back, another teamfight loss in the Red base left Diabolus to take the Nexus.

Game 4 - MnM vs Nvision Esports
Nvision surprised the viewers this game, impressing with a 5-0 kill lead at the 10 minute mark, still sporting the gold lead at 15 minutes. NVE’s Brelia on Aatrox keeps on rolling as MnM try to lower the pace and turn the game. Taking little victories in fights and towers wherever they can, patience pays off and an MnM gold lead balloons, grabbing Baron and breaking the walls of Nvision’s base down. Sneaking a second Baron, MnM muscle through Nvision’s lineup and take the nexus.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Excel UK vs Phelan Gaming
Taking small wins where they could, Phelan showed great signs of life as a team, punishing Excel for their mistakes. The Irish side matched kill for kill against Excel, holding up well through much of the match, but as Excel edged out their gold lead, forfeiting no towers to Phelan until 33 minutes. As Phelan came back from taking the top tower, Excel had set up outside their base, pushing back in for a big teamfight around the nexus where they Aced Phelan and took their place in the finals.

Game 2 - Diabolus vs MnM
Knowing how important this match is, both teams played a careful early game, First Blood only dropping shortly after 14 minutes. MnM had to up the tempo to avoid playing Diabolus’ game, but with 3 Ocean Drakes under their belt by 18 minutes, MnM could match any pace. The match continued, slow by scrappy, with MnM muscling DBL from the Baron and building their gold up. After turning around a Diabolus push for the base, MnM found themselves running down mid, into the Blue base, and taking the win.

Game 3 - Excel UK vs MnM
Surprisingly, this was MnM’s first finals game! Noltey in MnM’s jungle was the star of the early game, stitting strong at 3 kills, quelling Speical’s Irelia. Sadly a big kill lead was not enough, as Excel kept the gold lead and turned the game with a teamfight at 15 mins, landing 4 kills on their Irelia. MnM kept fighting, pulling up whatever gold they could, but Excel matched the ante. After breaking the MnM base Baronless, Excel came back from base stronger again to re-push for the win.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising
The late game of Excel UK vs MnM brought with it some momentum into this LEC Academy rematch. Aggression was the name of the game in the early minutes, as Excel looked for big wins on both sides, finding it on the botlane with a kill onto FNC’s Prosfair. Excel kept growing their lead, taking down Fnatic all over the map, already looking like the winning team by 20 minutes. The tide turns as a bad fight on the midlane leaves Excel on the backfoot at 28 minutes. A Baron fight at 37 minutes leaves Fnatic with everything they need to complete the turn, and despite Excel’s best efforts to make it a base race, it’s not enough as Fnatic charge down the Excel Nexus as a 5 man unit.

Week 3 Tower Champions: Fnatic Rising

Remember to catch every win, loss, and pentakill on the LVPukLoL Twitch. Here’s the bracket going into week 4 of competition:

Questions for Week 4:
-Can Nvision keep the hype going and take down Barrage?
-Will Phelan prove their might vs Demise?
-Do Enclave have what it takes to avenge their Week 2 heartbreak?
-Can a spicy marshmallow smother odds of a potential tower challenge from Excel or Fnatic?


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