UKLC Recap: Week 2 - Fnatic Rising to the top!

Week two of the UKLC Summer split has passed and the scoreboards are filling up nicely. Missed it live? You’re letting us all down, go catch the VoDs. Got no time to watch? Once again, I’m Chief Tief, here to recap the week in UKLC competition.

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Phelan Gaming vs Demise
The Irish squad still weren’t Phelan it this week with a loss to the slowly rising team of Demise, who managed to score an impressive win running some good old League of Legends cheese. A powerful Garen/Yuumi botlane for the reapers had us all wondering where this game might be going, but after a solid mid-game, Den Voksne’s Garen was rolling, well, spinning into action with the help of his team’s huge CC lockdown potential and some key Orianna ults from Vixen.

Game 2 - Nvision Esports vs Fnatic Rising
Every split in the UK we seem to get a David vs Goliath victory, and Nvision could’ve had the biggest one to date. However, after a towerless 10 minutes from both sides, Fnatic Rising rose to the occasion and gave Nvision no ground to take, inching closer and closer to their base to take a very decisive victory, ending just 10 seconds too late to be the fastest game in UKLC.

Game 3 - Diabolus vs Enclave Gaming
Another slower paced game for Diabolus, Enclave took the gold lead for the majority of the game, only losing it around the 28 minute mark after letting slip some kills and towers. Enclave came back, retaking the lead slowly but surely until a few dragon dances too many led them into a bad situation, taking the Elder Dragon, but getting hit by an crucial tornado from Furuy’s Yasuo, netting his team the turnaround win.

Game 4 - Barrage vs MnM
Despite their marshmallow visage, MnM proved theres not much soft about them here. Early on, Barrage looked to be the stronger side, but MnM’s dragon control grabbing them two infernals kept them firmly in the game, amping up the power to stay level with their opponents. Barrage kept at it, but after a long teamfight around the 31 minute mark, MnM racked up the kills and enough gold to score a solid win.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Demise vs Fnatic Rising
Stuns on stuns was the name of Demise’s draft this game, with the potenial stun lock from Elise, Morgana, Lux, and Caitlyn almost disgusting to consider. Fnatic had plenty of momentum going into the game, picking up the powerful win yesterday over Nvision, and as such took a good lead by 10 minutes. Demise tried to hold against the oncoming storm of Fnatic, but a busted inhibitor at 18 minutes proved the LEC titans were too much for the reapers, taking the fastest win in UKLC so far.

Game 2 - Diabolus vs MnM
This game started off in a bloody fashion, with 6 kills before the 5 minute mark, and all but one of them for MnM, 3 of which sat on Noltey’s Olaf, giving him the tools he needed to take over the early game.. The tempo dropped after the early skirmishes, only picking back up with a decisive 21 minute mark teamfight win for MnM, taking down 3 of 5 Diabolus devils and the Baron. Despite a couple more kills for Diabolus, they couldn’t turn the game as MnM handed them the Diabo-loss.

Game 3 - Fnatic Rising vs MnM
In week 2’s finals, we have two teams desperate to prove they’re good enough to capture the tower. The matchup looked even at 2 kills a piece by 10 minutes, with Fnatic edging out a gold lead until the botlane combo of Prosfair and xMatty came online taking 3 kills in a post-dragon teamfight win for Fnatic. Over the course of the game, Fnatic snowballed their lead, taking them up 15 kills to 5 as they bust down the MnM nexus lording 9 towers to 1 over their heads.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising
Another clash of LEC academy titans in this week’s tower game as Excel UK once again took on Fnatic Rising, this time as the tower champions. A slow paced early to mid game had each side trading blow for blow, kill for kill, and tower for tower, getting small leads and slowly filling their pockets with gold as each comp prepared to come online. Fnatic upped their tempo for a big kill lead by 25 minutes, sitting pretty at 9 kills to 1 but still down in towers. The game continued going long as Fnatic picked up a 35 minute baron and huge teamfight win, but with Excel’s defense being so strong, they just couldn’t end. By 41 minutes, Fnatic took down key members of the Excel lineup, death timers running long and finally allowing Fnatic to waltz into their base, take the big win, and the tower.

Week 2 Tower Champions: Fnatic Rising

All the action resumes on Wednesday where everyone will again try their best to ascend the tower. This is what the matchups look like going into week 3:

Questions for Week 3:
-Can Enclave get the major upset win over Excel?
-Barrage vs Phelan: Who gets their first point?
-Can Demise reap the devils and cement themselves as a team to fear?
-Can Nvision make smores out of MnM next week?


by Sam “Tiefling” Parker
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