UKLC Recap: Week 1 - UK Esports Excel-lence!

Week one of the UKLC Summer split has been and gone. Missed it live? Sucks to be you, go catch the VoDs. Got no time to watch? Well I’m Chief Tief, and here’s a tasty recap of the week’s games!

Day 1 - Round of 8

Game 1 - Nvision Esports vs Demise
The two new teams on the block kicked off the UKLC Summer split in explosive fashion with the fastest game in UKLC Summer so far (and almost the fastest game in UKLC history) and Demise’s Toplaner, Zeiko, on his signature Yasuo. In what was a tragic first game for them, Nvision were down 1 kill to 9 at 15 minutes with a 7k gold deficit, and inevitably took the loss against the heavy aggressive play of Demise.

Game 2 - Phelan Gaming vs Diabolus
Diabolus locked in a scary teamfight combo composition this game with the likes of Kennen, Yasuo, and Nautilus looking to choke out the opposition with CC. Phelan showed much promise, owning the kill lead at 20 minutes as things looked even. But as the game went longer, Diabolus made the most of Phelan’s little mistakes and ravaged their base by 45 minutes taking the final teamfight and then the win.

Game 3 - Enclave Gaming vs MnM Gaming
Despite MnM’s Chibs on his signature Akali in the mid lane, this game started slow for both sides, only really kicking off around 11 minutes in with a teamfight for the Rift Herald and Enclave taking a 4-0 kill lead. MnM refused to let this hinder them, as Chibs turned up the power with a 2v1 double kill on top lane to start the red side takeover. After a crucial Baron pickup, MnM broke the blue base and shattered the nexus.

Game 4 - Excel UK vs Barrage
Fighting against doubt from the UK scene, Excel played hard to prove themselves, sitting pretty with 2 towers, 6 kills, and 7k gold over Barrage at 15 minutes. Barrage followed up their deficit with two quick kills snapped up against their overpushed opponents in the midlane, not tilted and still full of life. However, despite Barrage’s great efforts to force a change of fate, Excel kept up the lead, taking the win.

Day 2 - Semifinals to Tower Challenge

Game 1 - Demise vs Diabolus
In another slow start for Diabolus, they took the early advantages this time around, using the acquired gold to turn the game on at the 20 minute mark, reversing a great flank by Demise’s Vixen into a funneled teamfight blitz on the botside. Demise fought back impressively to bring about change, but sadly the reapers could not slay the demons and met their own demise as Diabolus claimed the win.

Game 2 - MnM Gaming vs Excel UK
Against the perfect team to test their mettle, MnM took on XL Hjarnan’s rightly feared Heimerdinger in the botlane. Excel had the lead at 15 minutes, sitting almost 4k gold ahead and reinforcing the lead after taking the better end of a 3-for-2 kill trade and another tower. With Baron buff in tow, Excel used their lead efficiently, quickly pushing into the MnM base and taking a clean win.

Game 3 - Diabolus vs Excel UK
Excel’s momentum worked with them to no end in this game. Despite Diabolus taking advantage of Excel’s misplays to net some kills, Excel still had them forever on the ropes, almost 10k gold up over Diabolus after a teamfight on the 20 minute mark, ending in Excel-lent victory after taking down the Baron and rinsing the Diabolus base clean of any structures.


Game 4 - TOWER CHALLENGE - Fnatic Rising vs Excel UK

Taking an aggressive stance early, Excel push Fnatic down 3 kills, but in return, Fnatic slowed the pace down, gradually taking little wins where they could and bringing the game to an even footing. Matching trades tower-for-tower, Excel held onto their gold advantage, waiting for their chance to swing the game further into their favor and landing a second Infernal Drake to beef up their firepower. Despite added damage, Fnatic returned the pressure, evening out the kill score by 25 minutes. Excel’s resolve kept them in the game and any Fnatic turnaround at bay as they upped the ante, took the Baron, and for the third time this week, quickly used the buff to force the win.

Week 1 Tower Champions: Excel UK

All the action resumes on Wednesday where everyone will again try their best to ascend the tower. This is what the matchups look like going into week 2:

Questions for Week 2:
-Can Enclave prove they deserve to be in the top 4?
-Will Nvision score a surprise upset over Fnatic Rising?
-Will Demise be Phelan good enough to win next week?
-A Marshmallow vs a Battleship: Who wins?


by Sam “Tiefling” Parker
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