Explaining our Partnership with BRAINXP


Back in April we announced a new partnership between Enclave Gaming and BRAINXP, a supplement company developing innovative supplements aimed at improving mental performance, memory, focus, mood, and sleep quality. 

BRAINXP are providing our UKLC League of Legends roster with two different supplements, Focus and Boost, to help them reach their optimal mental performance when practising and competing. The partnership between Enclave Gaming and BRAINXP enables us to further our ambition for our players to reach the highest level of performance possible. 

The two supplements offered by BRAINXP work in different ways: Focus is a caffeinated supplement that promotes focus and alertness alongside relaxation. While Boost acts as a source of energy for the brain and body helping the user to feel more energetic. The combination of these supplements will help our players to focus over long scrim sessions as well as providing them with the energy they need to play their best League of Legends. 

Here is some more information about both of the supplements offered by BRAINXP.



BRAINXP Focus helps our players stay concentrated and alert. Using matcha green tea for it’s phytochemicals (chemical compounds made by plants), Focus also boosts blood circulation, wakefulness, and alpha brain wave activity. 

Focus does not leave the user with the traditional caffeine spike and subsequent crash like other caffeinated products designed for gamers. Instead, Focus promotes a steady, relaxed concentration leaving coffee jitters behind.


BRAINXP Boost raises energy levels using medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), natural fuels for the body and the brain. MCTs are converted into ketones and boost players’ energy levels, without being stored as fat. 

The use of BRAINXP Boost provides our players with a super-fuel energy source with the added benefit of helping to replace sugary snacks and drinks. This in turn helps to promote a more balanced and healthier diet and lifestyle for our players. 


Through innovation harnessing the power of genetics, environmental factors, and the human mind, BRAINXP seek to improve your focus, memory, and even your sleep quality.

As part of our partnership, we can give you 10% off orders over on BRAINXP.com when you use code ‘ENCLAVEXP’ at checkout!

You can also click here to automatically apply the discount to your basket.

Sam Parker