Enclave Gaming's UKLC Summer 2019 Roster

The UKLC Summer split is coming up fast, so it’s about time we showed the world our new lineup! Helping us make our way to the top spot we have faces old and new, all in pursuit of the number one spot in UKLC

LoL Division Staff:

Head Coach: Alex ‘WiseTraveller’ Wise

After working alongside former Head Coach Mans in our Spring split roster, Wise will be taking over the position this split. Bringing back his spreadsheet expertise and passion for Ashe support (it won’t make it to the UKLC, we think), we have full faith in Wise this split to bring home the bacon.

Manager: Elliot ‘EllGriff’ Griffiths

Taking our position as Team Manager, Elliot has managed many teams in the UK esports industry. With his experience in different team environments, we trust him to work with Abby and Alex to get the best from our squad.

Assistant Manager: Abby ‘Chaos’ Dearden

Another returning member from our Spring split League of Legends division is our Assistant Manager, Abby. After learning the ropes from our Esports Director, Jake, Abby will work alongside EllGriff to continue growing her talents.

League of Legends Roster:


Top: Sean ‘Renghis’ Kelly

Our Irishman in the toplane, Renghis is a versatile player with plenty of experience in the Irish and UK League of Legends scenes. With Enclave, Renghis looks to make a triumphant return to the UK with the aim of carving out a name for himself against formidable opponents in the UKLC.

Jungle: Andreas ‘Skude’ Skude

Making a big return to Enclave after first playing for us a little over two years ago, Skude has spread his esports experience around Europe, most recently playing for popular German side, Unicorns of Love.

Mid: Kim ‘Primacy’ Kroon

Formerly known as ‘Yixiao’, Primacy has taken first place positions in Sweden and Germany’s League of Legends scenes after only a year and a half of competitive experience. As a fresh face to UK League of Legends, we’ll be looking to get his hands on another number 1 trophy with us.

AD Carry: Aleksi ‘Kehvo’ Merta

Staying on from our UKLC Spring roster, Kehvo’s dynamic gameplay and motivation were imperative to our placement back then, and will be just as important to our Summer split results. Sadly after the nerfs, we might not get to see his spicy AD Neeko hit the rift this time.

Support: Neyas ‘Raizins’ Guruswamy

Another crucial component to our UKLC Spring team, veteran UK player Raizins will be working with us again to lead us higher up the leaderboard of the UKLC. A key vocal presence to the team, be sure the retained synergy of our botlane will only have improved.

Find our team’s socials and streams on our League of Legends team page.

Sam Parker