Updates to the Enclave Family

We’re excited to announce new members in our social media, content, and Discord management teams, as well as a role change.
Please give the new recruits all a warm welcome to The Enclave:

Social Media:

Scott “Sc00t” Henderson - Twitter
Priscillia “CloudyWolf” Bernard - Twitter

Working on one of the first degrees in Esports at Staffordshire University, Scott already has a wealth of social media experience to add to the team from working under other esports banners in the UK scene.

Priscillia is a well known member of the UK esports community and friend to many players, staff members, and community figureheads. We look forward to working alongside Priscillia in her first foray into the gaming industry.

Discord Community Managers:

Jordan “AmazinglyOreos” Stephens - Twitter
Harry “Hudson” Hudson - Twitter

If you’ve competed in the Insomnia LoL tournaments, it’s likely you will have met Jordan. A volunteer for iSeries and experienced community manager, he has all the know-how to make fun things happen on the Discord.

Alongside Enclave, Harry is also working as part of the NSE community team at the forefront of University level esports. Hudson’s Uni esports experience also extends to his former position as President of Surrey Uni’s gaming society.

Content Director:

Aaron Peskett - Twitter

Founder of esports directory EatSleepCompete and graduate in MSc Management & Finance, Aaron oversees our marketing, community, and content teams. Specialising in content strategy, Aaron also assists Enclave CEO Philip Macartney with partnership management.

Web Content Manager:

Sam “Tiefling” Parker - Twitter

Stepping back from Creative Director, I will be working instead on keeping our site up to date and brimming with content. Every announcement, video, and whatever other fun stuff we do will be catalogued or created here by me, so keep an eye out.

Sam Parker