2019 Roster + MSI Partnership Announcement

The wait is over, the team is together, and we’re ready to fight. This season we will be working with an incredibly talented LoL Division as well as MSI, one of the leading brands in PC hardware.

Video Credit to Tom Wyatt

Welcoming a strong and stable top laner back to the Enclave, Governor will be taking command through thick and thin, raising or lowering your governors throughout the season. A small surprise for our support, Raizins is a familiar name to the relics of the UK scene, but he's back and ready to take his place among the best supports in the UK once again. Bearing one scary looking Lee Sin tattoo and an ambitious attitude, our Polish superstar Wysek will be joining us in the Jungle.
The first of our imports, the second half of our Polish duo, Warszi, shall be taking up the mantle of our mid laner following on from the likes of Eren and Divaaa. He certainly has big shoes to fill. For our second import, we have the fearsome Finnish ADC, Kehvo, Formerly a mid main, so expect some interesting picks and aggressive plays.

This Tasty Stick duo might come as a shock for some, Aether and Praevius shall be joining as our subs for the season, learning the competitive side of the game under the wings of some experienced players and our coaching staff. Leading to our final additions to The Enclave, ItsMans and Wise Traveller are joining as our dynamic duo in the coaching positions with solid experience in the UK scene ranging from competitive teams to assisting in Scouting Grounds. We're excited to have everyone on board and announced and we'll be watching closely on their progress over the split.

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TOP: James ‘Governor’ Gove
JUNGLE: Damian ‘Wysek’ Adamczyk
MID: Marcin ‘Warszi’ Surala
ADC: Aleksi ‘Kehvo’ Merta
SUPPORT: Neyas ‘Raizins’ Guruswamy
SUB ADC: Bailey ‘Aether’ Philp
SUB JUNGLE: Joshua ‘Praevius’ Elliott-James
HEAD COACH: Kyle ‘ItsMans’ Wilkowski
STRATEGIC COACH/ANALYST: Alexander ‘Wise Traveller’ Wise

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ENC Britsaint.png
‘This is the next step in Enclave’s journey, with a new roster we also announce our new sponsor MSI. MSI are undoubtably one of the biggest brands on the hardware markets but also in esports, this partnership will raise the level that we can offer to our players, the quality of our content and what we can offer to our loyal fans.’
— Phil 'Britsaint' Macartney, CEO of Enclave Gaming
Philip Macartney