Q&A: Enclave Welcomes Chaos into our Assistant LoL Manager Role!

We make another key pickup for 2019 with Chaos helping with our LoL Squad!

We said yesterday on our socials we were done with announcements for the week, but we lied! Our final one is for Enclave Gaming’s new Assistant LoL Manager, Abby ‘Chaos’ Dearden. She will be working alongside Esports Director Jakey to manage our future League of Legends team.

Staff Announcement Chaos.png

Enclave: Could you tell us a little more about your new role as Assistant LoL Manager?
As Assistant LoL Manager I will be working closely with Jakey to look after the players and make sure they're all doing okay. I'll be doing lots of scheduling and keeping everybody on track, sorting out any disputes and generally making sure everybody is happy. I'm essentially the team mum! I'll be there to support everybody but also to give them a firm hand when it's necessary.

E: What made you want to take a step into UK League of Legends?
I've been playing League for the last five years without ever getting bored or taking a break. It's the only game I've never lost interest in. I've followed worlds closely for the last few years. I haven't completely figured out what I'm doing with my life just yet, but how can applying my skills into something I love be a bad idea, right?

E: Is there anything in particular that made you want to join us here at Enclave?
I know a few of the staff members at Enclave personally, and they're a really lovely bunch of people. Sam, Enclave's Creative Director has been one of my best friends for many years now. I wrote an article about Enclave for a university assignment recently (Sam actually gave me the idea), and it really gave me a feel for the brand, and I knew that I'd love to be part of their team.

E: Are there any parts of the job you're most looking forward to?
Generally just looking after the players and making sure everybody is happy. I've always been the mum-friend! I'm also very organised so I'm looking forward to organising team practise and making sure everything is on track.

E: What were your first impressions on Jakey, and how do you feel about working with him?
Jakey is great! I think we're going to make a great team and have lots of fun with everything. We've even been talking about duoing botlane in ranked!


“Abby came to me as a free spirit and with all the qualities of a manager. Organised, understanding, tough, yet soft. But most of all, motivated. All she needs is a little direction. Enclave has historically always been home to staff who wish to grow in esports, I see Abby fitting right in amongst us.“
- Jake ‘Jakey’ Reynolds on why Abby will be a good fit into the role.

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