Q&A: Welcome Natawryy as Enclave's Community Manager!

Today we welcome Natawryy to The Enclave as our Community Manager!

Our third announcement of new staff this week is Natalie ‘Natawryy’ Kilpatrick, who will be stepping into the role of Community Manager. With her assistance and experience we can look to keep improving Enclave’s Stream Team, produce more quality content, and build a stronger community around us. We asked a few questions to get to know Nat and learn more about what the community can expect.

Staff Announcement Natawryy.png

E: Can you tell us a little more about what you'll do as our Community Manager?
As community manager, my main goal is to get everyone talking about Enclave! I hope to create a fun environment on our social media and Discord, and get people hyped about our games.

E: What made you want to venture more into the esports scene and join a team?
I’ve been following esports for about 5 years and have been keeping up with the UK LoL scene ever since i52. I was always fascinated by how tight knit it was and wanted to be a part of it, however I had pretty bad anxiety. Growing my friendships and connections in the scene helped me to come out of my shell and made me realise I would be a good fit for community management!

E: What qualities will you bring to Enclave?
I hope to bring my unique personality and goofy humour and let them shine through the most.

E: What made you decide to join Enclave?
I decided to join Enclave because it’s a team I see potential in, the staff are so lovely and the team is a beloved part of the UK LoL scene, I just knew we’d gel really well.

E: Is there any esport in particular you prefer watching?
League of Legends of course!!

E: Is there any lesson you've learned from prior experience in the gaming industry you think everyone should know?
We’re all nerds who have a love for the same games, the more you let your passion shine through the happier you’ll be!


“I have plenty of things in mind for 2019, and I look forward to working with Nat to make these things happen. The first impression I got after interviewing Nat for the role is that she’s the kind of person you can bounce ideas back and forth with and turn a good idea into something much greater, I value that a lot.“
- Sam ‘Tiefling’ Parker on creating content with Nat.

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