Q&A: Welcome back Reclamation as our new GM

We’re proud to welcome the skills of Reclamation to The Enclave once again!

Karl ‘Reclamation’ Dixon is another figure joining us that has been around the UK scene for a long while and is also someone who had been part of Enclave Gaming before, at first over two years ago as a player in our LoL squad. Today we welcome him back as our new General Manager and ask him a bit about his role, coming back to Enclave, and what he can bring to the team.

Enclave: Could you explain your new role in Enclave as General Manager?
Reclamation: My new role at Enclave is developing the 'business' side of Enclave, looking after day to day operations and keeping Phil in check for his crazy plans. Effectively, I'll be the fallback guy so if things go wrong, you'll see me. If things are going well, then all the credit will go to the people around me excelling in their roles.

E: You've been part of Enclave before, what made you come back and to a bigger role this time around?
In all honesty, it was from me reaching out to contacts wanting to offer pro bono work on the business end of organisations and Phil needed someone to aid in the LVP applications so it just happened to work out as I built the entire application after holding meetings with all the staff and Phil. I decided to stay on after that initial period as I have often criticised organisations for making errors or not seizing opportunities and I've helped other notable staff in UK organisations to get their positions, why not do it myself? Its time to put up or shut up.

E: Do you have any particular goals you want to achieve in the next year?
I'd like for Enclave to not burn to the ground in my care, but I'd really like to see Enclave's identity and brand grow as fast as its rise in UK LoL. As well as the creation of Enclave's own revenue streams and creating/maintaining areas of Enclave's business operations that have been neglected since Jordan stepped down from his position on Enclave. I believe these goals are achievable over 2019, but it will take a lot of time, effort and smarts to make it happen.

E: What qualities will you bring to to the table for 2019?
What qualities do I bring? I really want to bring a calm, level headed approach that can guide others, while applying a logical, systematic approach to how Enclave will run in the coming months. I have the experience of being a player, coach, analyst, and manager across multiple splits as well as a degree in business and management which doesn't hurt. Honestly, I'd ask this question to the Enclave staff after my time in charge.

E: Any quick thoughts on our competition for LVPUK's LoL Spring Split?
Using my analyst (spreadsheet monkey) brain, I'm going to make a bold predication that an LEC Academy team will win the split... But I'm expecting some tough competition for the spots just below them from MnM or Diabolus specifically due to their competitive history and passion. The other teams will probably be finding their footing with the new level of competition, but one things for sure, this season will have some great storylines.

E: Over two years ago you first joined as a player for Enclave, what do you remember from that time?
I specifically remember trolling Froomie and being Enclave's first success story for LoL in ESL 2017, however though I'm looking to move past my playing days after being coined 'Intlamation' for my, frankly, terrible mechanics.


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Karl for two years now, from player, to coach, and now to management. Karl is a man with the can do attitude. It’s fantastic to have him on board, he’s one of the most intelligent people I know with a great love for esports. We’re lucky to have him, as is the UK scene.”

- Jake ‘Jakey’ Reynolds on working with Karl in 2019

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