Q&A: Jakey Joins Enclave as our Esports Director

We’re excited to officially announce the arrival of Jakey to Enclave Gaming!

Jake Reynolds, better known as ‘Jakey’ to the UK esports scene will be joining us as Enclave’s new Esports Director and Co-Owner. We look forward to going into 2019 stronger than ever with Jake joining the team. To understand his new role better and learn more about his aspirations as part of the team, we sat down for a quick Q&A.

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Enclave: Could you clarify your new role in Enclave as Esports Director and beyond?
As Esports Director my role is to oversee all esports operations within Enclave. That can be to build and manage a team or to work with management in each game. To ensure all operations are run as smoothly as possible and all parties involved are happy.

E: LVP's Spring league is already looking tough, what do you make of Fnatic Academy team joining the league?
I personally love the fact Fnatic are coming to the UK. They are one of the biggest brands within League of Legends and we may benefit with how the fans that I expect to come and watch Fnatic will also be watching us. It’s more important for us now more than ever to impress. Many eyes will be on us, plus who doesn’t want to beat Fnatic, right?

E: Do you have a basic idea of what goals you want to meet next split?
My personal goal is top 4, but more importantly I want to create a unique and recognisable brand for the players and for the team.

E: Is there anything in particular that made you want to join Enclave in the first place?
I have worked with a few different teams now, sometimes just completely leaving me to it, not getting information across the board. But knowing Phil for two years now I’ve had the time to get to know him and how he works. Plus the opportunity of becoming a co-owner to an established org, how could I turn this down?

E: Can we consider you joining Enclave as the end of the ‘Twix Era’ and the beginning of the ‘Bovril Era’?
Ah the ‘Twix Era’ was a meme. But ‘BOVRIL ERA’ is the real deal.

“Jake has been active member of the UK scene for years now and has always done his best to improve the quality of the scene, I have admired his work on multiple esports teams. Though his venture with ViM wasn’t as successful as he wanted, I really respect him for trying, running an esports organisation is a stressful thing to do. I believe he will add something different to Enclave and will certainly help me share the burden of running an organisation that a lot of people look up to.”

- Phil ‘Britsaint’ Macartney on how Jakey’s input can help Enclave.

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