Enclave Gaming


Who we are…

Enclave Gaming is a UK based organisation built by gamers, for gamers. We focus on building a community of dedicated, hard working, and sociable players within the esports community. Founded in 2015, we have always strived to deliver excellence in every field we compete in. 

When it comes to gaming, we’re never ready to back down, and will always welcome a challenge. Our talented players and support staff have worked hard to bring about good results year after year, and from humble beginnings, we're making a place for ourselves in the history books of UK esports. 

Being part of Enclave is like being in a family, we share in the ups and downs of victory and defeat, never letting the latter keep us down. We're tightly knit and welcoming, appreciated by many other organisations for being gracious in victory, humble in defeat, and always maintaining a high-spirited demeanour. As an team, we're a little bit cheeky, very friendly, and unbeatably dedicated. 

With consistent success at Insomnia Gaming Festival, and never failing to qualify for the ESL Premiership, League of Legends is our flagship game. Our LoL division is constantly evolving and improving in every game as we play hard against rival organisations old and new to the scene, even internationally. It's no surprise we were the third longest standing team in the ESL Premiership, sat unwavering in the top spots of LVPUK’s Forge of Champions, and have made it into both of ESL’s European Masters tournaments. We have been invited back into the fray by LVP and Riot Games as we look towards 2019’s Official UK European Regional League. 

Powered by WD_Black, we’re ready to give our all against anyone we’re pitted against, our teams are always stacked with talent, and we’re not afraid to show it. We take pride in knowing that we are one of the most trusted organisations within the UK esports and will continue representing the scene in a good light. 

We are #TheEnclave